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Truffle Hunting Experience

Discover the magical world of truffles with guided experiences from an expert truffle hunter and his trained dog. Immerse yourself in the search for the underground fungus and understand the environment, history, and ethical value surrounding this prized culinary delight.

  • Explore the magical world of truffles with expert truffle hunters and trained dogsi

  • Discover the secrets of truffles through an in-depth explanation of the environment and growing places

  • You will have a unique experience that will reveal the secret value of these underground jewels

Duration: 120 minutes

Expert guide

Nature and history

Pedal through breathtaking landscapes: bike and mtb tours

Ride through breathtaking scenery, immerse yourself in the woods, and admire spectacular views. Guided hikes with a local expert or join a group of enthusiastic friends. An unforgettable experience of adventure and natural beauty.

  • Spectacular views on two wheels

  • Immersive experience with experienced cyclists

  • Enjoy biking in any season

Breathtaking landscapes

Guided Excursions

Nature by bicycle

Visit and Tasting at La Montata Winery

Discover the history, culture, tradition and passion of La Montata through an unforgettable guided tour and tasting experience.

  • Taste the world’s only smoked Vino Santo

  • Explore vineyards with breathtaking panoramic views

  • Live ‘La Montata experience’ between tradition and wine passion

Wine Tasting


Explore the Territory

Guided Tour of the Domus of Myth

Discover the secrets of the Domus of Myth, letting yourself be fascinated by the depictions of gods, mythical creatures and hunting scenes. A unique experience to experience an authentic journey through time and discover the history and art of ancient Tifernum Mataurense.

  • Time travel and ancient history

  • Year-round experience

  • Treasure trove of classical mythology

Time travel

Fascinating mosaics

History and