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International Truffle Motoraduno of Sant'Angelo in Vado

Discover the Taste of Truffles and the Passion for Motorcycles

Folla di motociclisti sul corso di Sant'Angelo in Vado in occasione del Motoraduno Internazionale di Sant'Angelo in Vado


Fall brings with it a unique magic for motorcyclists. After facing the challenges of the hot summer months, the time finally comes to don heavier clothes and enjoy the fresh air. This is the time when nature prepares for winter, providing a spectacle of bright colors that mingle with the daily life of rural communities.

For true motorcycle enthusiasts, autumn represents an opportunity to embark on adventurous trips, participate in rallies and festivals, and immerse themselves in local culture and traditions. In this article, we will guide you through one of the most anticipated events of the season: the Sant'Angelo in Vado Truffle Motoraduno. Get ready for a breathtaking adventure that combines the love of two wheels with the enchantment of an ancient village and the delicious taste of truffles.

The lure of autumn for adventurous bikers

Fall is a time of transition, when motorcycle enthusiasts prepare to take to the roads wrapped in the warm colors of the season. The yellow and red leaves create an atmospheric atmosphere as farmers focus their efforts on the last autumn crops.

It is a time of last rides and traditional festivals, where you can enjoy local specialties such as mulled wine and hot chestnuts. Fall is the perfect opportunity to share your passion for two wheels with other bikers and discover enchanting places.

Motorcyclist on aututnnal road in the direction of Sant'Angelo in Vado
Motorcyclist on aututnnal road in the direction of Sant'Angelo in Vado

Sant'Angelo in Vado and its Truffle Motoraduno

Immersing oneself in the charm of an ancient village is an unforgettable experience for motorcyclists. Sant'Angelo in Vado, located in the Metauro Valley, offers a picturesque setting for the Truffle Motoraduno. This event, which has been held for as many as 44 years, attracts thousands of motorcyclists from all over the world. The ancient village is transformed into a lively setting in which the noise of motors combines with the smell of truffles, creating a unique atmosphere.

During the rally, participants can admire the motorcycles parked in the large esplanade in front of the village gates and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

Credits: Romualdo Fuso / Motorcycles on display in front of "Porta Albani"
Moto in esposizione sul corso
Credit: Romualdo Fuso / Motorcycles on display on Corso Garibaldi
Crediti: Romualdo Fuso / Moto in esposizione davanti "Porta Albani"
Crediti: Romualdo Fuso / Moto in esposizione su Corso Garibaldi

A journey through the flavors and traditions of the Motoraduno

The Truffle Motoraduno is not only an opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of two wheels, but also to delight the palate with gastronomic delicacies. During the festival, local taverns display their menus, offering a wide variety of truffle dishes. Street food stalls invite visitors to sample truffle products for free, providing a multi-sensory experience.

In addition, it is possible to participate in joint trips along scenic routes, enjoy breakfasts and aperitifs in the surrounding villages, and enjoy evening concerts accompanied by beer galore.

Tonino Benelli Moto Club: A pillar of passion and tradition in the motor world

The Tonino Benelli Moto Club plays a key role in the context of the ancient Tifernum Mataurense and the National Exhibition of the Precious White Truffle of the Marches, contributing greatly to the success of the event.

Thanks to the dedication and skill shown by the Tonino Benelli Moto Club, the rally has achieved international relevance, attracting centaurs from different parts of the world, such as England, Finland, Spain, Germany, France, Austria and Poland. Some enthusiasts, who have become true "aficionados" of the rally, have even decided to have fixed accommodations in hotels, B&Bs or even rented apartments, a testament to the broad scope and attractiveness of the event.

The Tonino Benelli Moto Club was deeply marked by the loss of two historical figures, Daniele Montecchi and Tonino Collesi, who left an indelible imprint on the soul of the association. Daniele Montecchi, former councilor and still FMI Regional Delegate, was a point of reference for the entire association and worked tirelessly behind the scenes at Benelli. Tonino Collesi, known as "Tonino Focacina," was the founder of the "Benelli" Motoclub forty years ago, laying the solid foundation on which the association developed.

Despite the pain of these absences, the Tonino Benelli Moto Club keeps the memory of these dear friends and mentors alive. The passion, tradition and prestige they both instilled in the event remain indispensable elements for the club's enduring success and national and international renown. The memory of Daniele Montecchi and Tonino Collesi continues to inspire Moto Club members and guide them in pursuing the goals they both loved to share.

Logo ufficiale Moto Club Tonino Benelli Sant'Angelo in Vado
Official Moto Club Tonino Benelli Sant'Angelo in Vado logo


The Sant'Angelo in Vado Truffle Motoraduno represents an unmissable experience for adventurous motorcyclists and lovers of culinary culture. This event combines the charm of motorcycle travel with the beauty of an ancient village, offering the opportunity to immerse oneself in local history and traditions. Participating in the Motoraduno means becoming part of a community of enthusiasts, sharing emotions and discovering new enchanting places.

Get your bike ready, tune into the atmosphere of autumn and let the adventure await you in Sant'Angelo in Vado!