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The 10 Things You Can't Miss in Sant'Angelo in Vado

Sant'Angelo in Vado: A Hidden Treasure of History, Nature, and Traditions

Panorama di Sant'Angelo in Vado e del fiume Metauro

Welcome to Sant'Angelo in Vado

Sant'Angelo in Vado is a picturesque town nestled along the upper valley of the Metauro River, in the heart of a charming landscape characterized by the foothills of the Apennine Mountains. This hidden gem of central Italy is ready to welcome you with its rich traditions, fascinating history, and a variety of incredible attractions. Whether you're an international traveler seeking adventure, a domestic tourist, a vacationing family, or simply looking for some relaxation, Sant'Angelo in Vado offers unforgettable experiences for everyone's taste.

Here are the ten things you can't miss in Sant'Angelo in Vado.

I campanili di Sant'Angelo in Vado
Credits: Michele Dini / View of the three bell towers of Sant'Angelo in Vado

The Charm of the Historic Center

Begin your journey by exploring the historic center of Sant'Angelo in Vado, which is a treasure trove of monuments from various epochs. Admire the Palazzo della Ragione, an imposing building dating back to the fourteenth century, topped by the Civic Tower, known as 'el Campanon.' Stroll among ancient palaces like Santinelli, Grifoni, Clavari, and Mercuri, and admire the majestic Palazzo Fagnani, which now serves as the municipal seat. The medieval atmosphere of this city will enchant you with every step you take.

Vista della torre Civica nota come
Civic Tower known as 'el Campanon'

The majesty of the Sasso Waterfall

Step out of the historic center and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Sasso Waterfall. With a width of about 60 meters and a drop of approximately 12 meters, this waterfall will leave you speechless. After a short descent, you'll reach the panoramic terrace located right next to the waterfall. Here, you can enjoy a 'frontal' view of the waterfall as the water flows majestically. Choose between a path next to the overlook or a more adventurous trail that requires crossing the river. Although access may be a bit challenging, the beauty of this waterfall is absolutely worth it.

A wonder of nature, its formation is due to a geological configuration of inclined limestone and marly layers, allowing the river current to glide over them. Over millennia, the Metauro River has shaped this stunning natural landscape, which experts consider, from a landscape perspective, as one of the top ten waterfalls in Italy.

It has an overall width of about 60 meters and a height calculated from the rocks of over 16 meters.

Already protected in 1939, it received the protection decree in September 1996. The entire demesne riverbank area is protected, including the old non-functioning mill and the area on the right bank due to the vegetational and geomorphological characteristics of the Marche environment.

The vegetation is mainly composed of willows, poplars, acacias, hawthorns, and brooms, with the presence of maidenhair spleenwort in the dripping water and on the banks of the water buttercup (aquatic plant)

The waterfall has created a remarkable natural pool with a depth of about 5 meters at its center, hosting abundant fish fauna. Thanks to deep and oxygenating waters, it is home to large carp and tench, as well as common barbel, bleak, chub, roach, and even eels and trout.

Among the birds present are passerines, migratory birds, waterfowl, and the fantastic kingfisher.

Just a short walk from the waterfall, nestled amidst the greenery and tranquility of nature, you will find an equipped picnic area. This spot is ideal for a relaxing outdoor break, where you can enjoy a picnic surrounded by the beauty of nature. The area is equipped with tables, benches, and barbecue facilities, making it the perfect place to spend enjoyable moments with family and friends.

Vista dall'alto della Cascata
Admiring the Cascata del Sasso or Balza del Metauro in Sant'Angelo in Vado.
Vista frontale della Cascata del Sasso o Balza del Metauro a Sant'Angelo in Vado
Credits: Minube / Cascata del Sasso or Balza del Metauro in Sant'Angelo in Vado.
Crediti: Lorenzo Aldini / el Campanon
Crediti: Lorenzo Aldini / el Campanon

Religious Treasures

Sant'Angelo in Vado boasts a rich religious tradition, evident in its numerous historical churches. Among these, the Polo Museale di S. Maria extra muros, Santa Caterina, San Filippo, the Church of San Francesco, and the Cathedral stand out.

The Polo Museale di S. Maria extra muros is a Romanesque church, later renovated in the Baroque period, which houses the civic ecclesiastical art gallery with works by artists such as Raffaellin del Colle, Francesco Mancini, Ghiberti, and Santi di Tito.

Santa Caterina, located in a building with a Gothic sandstone portal, dates back to the 17th century and features a single-nave interior with stucco statues, a main altar in gilded wood carved by Gian Giacomo Zuccari, and a series of oil paintings by Braganti depicting the Stories of Santa Caterina.

San Filippo, dating back to the 15th century, is an oratory featuring a splendid frescoed dome, a wooden statue of the Annunciate Virgin attributed to Lorenzo Ghiberti, and gilded wooden altars adorned with paintings by Raffaellin del Colle, Gian Giacomo Pandolfi, Francesco Mancini, and others.

The Church of San Francesco, built in 1308 in the Gothic style, is the largest in Sant'Angelo in Vado. It features a Latin cross plan with a spacious dome, 5 private chapels on each side, and 13 altars adorned with frescoes and paintings by artists such as the Zuccari brothers, G. Nardini, G. Guerrieri di Fossombrone, and others.

The Cathedral, also known as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Tears, dating back to the 17th century, is dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. Inside, there are artworks by Francesco Mancini, Gian Giacomo Pandolfi, Veronese, and in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, there is the Ecce Homo attributed to Federico Barocci.

Opera di una Madonna col Bambino, tempera su tavola dorata e punzonata, di un maestro giottesco
Santa Maria dei Servi, consecrated in 1331 and classified as a National Monument, is a Romanesque church located outside the city walls. With precious altars enriched by the works of Raffaellin del Colle, Francesco Mancini, Ghiberti, and Santi di Tito, this church houses the civic ecclesiastical art gallery with the works of the famous painters Taddeo and Federico Zuccari, originally from Sant'Angelo in Vado in the 16th and 17th centuries. An artistic treasure that combines history and beauty.
Credits: Tripadvisor - Platypus / A Madonna with Child, tempera on gilded and punched panel, by a Giottesque master
Vista frontale Chiesa di San Filippo
San Filippo, built in the 15th century and dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, was restored in 1605 with an octagonal plan for the birth vow of Federico Ubaldo. The interior houses an artistic treasure with the dome frescoed by August Albrecht Wallenstein in 1629 and precious works by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Raffaellin del Colle, Gian Giacomo Pandolfi, and Francesco Mancini.
Front view of the Church of San Filippo
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Sorrows, dating back to the 17th century, stands on the ruins of an ancient medieval parish, dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. Inside, works by Francesco Mancini, Gian Giacomo Pandolfi, and other artists adorn the aisles, including the Ecce Homo by Federico Barocci and the Madonna of Sorrows attributed to Gentile da Fabriano or Zanino di Pietro.
Credits: Tripadvisor - Attivol / Front view of the Cathedral
Santa Maria dei Servi, consacrata nel 1331 e classificata Monumento Nazionale, è una chiesa romanica situata fuori dalle mura cittadine. Con altari pregevoli arricchiti dalle opere di Raffaellin del Colle, Francesco Mancini, Ghiberti e Santi di Tito, questa chiesa ospita la pinacoteca civica ecclesiastica con le opere dei famosi pittori Taddeo e Federico Zuccari, originari di Sant'Angelo in Vado nel XVI e XVII secolo. Un tesoro artistico che unisce storia e bellezza.
Crediti: Tripadvisor - Platypus / Una Madonna col Bambino, tempera su tavola dorata e punzonata, di un maestro giottesco
San Filippo, costruito nel XV secolo e dedicato all'Immacolata Concezione, fu restaurato nel 1605 con una pianta ottagonale per il voto di nascita di Federico Ubaldo. L'interno custodisce un tesoro artistico con la cupola affrescata da August Albrecht Wallenstein nel 1629 e preziose opere di Lorenzo Ghiberti, Raffaellin del Colle, Gian Giacomo Pandolfi e Francesco Mancini.
Vista frontale Chiesa di San Filippo
La Cattedrale della Madonna del Pianto, risalente al XVII secolo, si erge sulle rovine di un'antica pieve medievale, dedicata a San Michele Arcangelo. All'interno, opere di Francesco Mancini, Gian Giacomo Pandolfi e altri artisti adornano le navate, tra cui l'Ecce Homo di Federico Barocci e la Madonna del Pianto attribuita a Gentile da Fabriano o Zanino di Pietro.
Crediti: Tripadvisor - Attivol / Vista frontale della Cattedrale

The House of Myth

If you're passionate about archaeology, you can't leave Sant'Angelo in Vado without visiting the House of Myth. This extraordinary archaeological site, discovered in the last 50 years, represents an important discovery from the past. The Domus, built towards the end of the 1st century AD, is a large area of about 1,000 square meters adorned with marvelous figurative mosaics. Admire the representations of Neptune and Amphitrite on the Triumphal Chariot, Dionysus, and the Medusa, among many other mythological themes. This place will immerse you in the history and art of ancient Tifernum Mataurense.

v guided tour or discover more on this archaeological treasure.

Mosaici della Domus del Mito
Mosaics of the House of Myth

Explore the tranquility of Lake Aiolina.

Located near the clusters of Palazzi in the Municipality of Sant'Angelo in Vado, Lake Aiolina is a gem set in a hilly environment of great environmental value. This splendid body of water offers a moment of peace and serenity, away from the daily chaos.

The lake is an ideal place for nature lovers who wish to immerse themselves in its tranquility.

Not far from the lake, atop a hill, stands the majestic Tower of Metola. This historical monument adds a touch of charm and mystery to the surrounding landscape and also offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the lake and the surrounding hills. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this natural environment, immersing yourself in its serene atmosphere. Lake Aiolina represents an oasis of peace and provides a perfect refuge to relax and reconnect with nature.

Vista dall'ingresso del Lago dell'Aiolina
Exploring the tranquility of Lake Aiolina in Sant'Angelo in Vado

The artistic heritage of Taddeo and Federico Zuccari

Sant'Angelo in Vado is the hometown of two important Renaissance artists, Taddeo and Federico Zuccari, who left an indelible mark on Italian art. In the 16th century, these talented brothers created an extraordinary work: the illustration of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Exploring the city, you will have the opportunity to discover the deep connection that these masters had with Sant'Angelo in Vado and to admire their precious contribution to art.

Among the testimonies of the artistic heritage of Sant'Angelo in Vado, the former Church of the Servants stands out, which houses a treasure trove of altars and artifacts, mostly in the Baroque style. Inside, you can admire a fascinating work by Federico Zuccari: the conversion of Saint Paul. This painting represents a remarkable example of Zuccari's artistic skill in capturing vivid expressions and intricate details.

Conversione di San Paolo
In front of the cantoria, on a recent gypsum partition, hangs a canvas of remarkable proportions, depicting the Conversion of Saint Paul.
Zuccari street
una tela di proporzioni ragguardevoli, raffigurante la Conversione di San Paolo
Davanti alla cantoria, su un recente setto in cartongesso è appesa una tela di proporzioni ragguardevoli, raffigurante la Conversione di San Paolo
Via Zuccari
Via Zuccari

The National White Truffle Exhibition

Sant'Angelo in Vado is also famous for being the capital of prized white truffles. If you visit this charming town towards the end of October or the beginning of November, you'll have the opportunity to participate in the National White Truffle Exhibition. This annual event celebrates truffles with tastings, markets, and a lively festive atmosphere. If you're a food enthusiast and appreciate unique flavors, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Mano con due tartufi bianchi
White truffle

Museums and treasures of art, craftsmanship, and history

Demoanthropological Museum "I Vecchi Mestieri" Walk into the cellars of Palazzo Mercuri and get ready to embark on a journey through time. This museum is a veritable treasure trove where ancient artisanal activities are carefully preserved. Discover forgotten trades such as carpenters, coopers, hatters, cobblers, basket weavers, rope makers, and blacksmiths, which once formed the backbone of the local economy. The museum pays homage to the skilled artisans of a bygone era and offers a precious opportunity to understand the past and admire the craftsmanship and creativity of those who shaped the history of this region.

Archaeological Museum at Palazzo Mercuri: If you are fascinated by ancient history, this museum will captivate you. It houses archaeological evidence of the Roman city of Tifernum Mataurense, now known as Sant'Angelo in Vado. Explore Roman civilization through artifacts ranging from prehistoric sites in the river terraces of Sant'Angelo in Vado and the upper Metauro valley to the late antique and early medieval period. Be amazed by inscriptions, such as gravestones, boundary markers, and altars, which tell stories of a distant era. Admire ceramics, glassware, coins, everyday objects, and oil lamps that reveal the secrets of a glorious past.

The MBA Museum: If you're passionate about motorcycles and eager to delve into the history of Italian motorcycling, this museum will make your heart beat faster. Curated by the local Moto Club Tonino Benelli, the MBA Museum is dedicated to the legendary manufacturer "Morbidelli Benelli Armi" (MBA), which clinched 8 world titles in just 12 years of competition. Sant'Angelo in Vado hosted this significant brand, which has left an indelible mark on the history of Italian two-wheelers. Admire unique memorabilia, photographs, and testimonials that will immerse you in the excitement of a golden age of motorcycle racing.

These museums offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich artisanal tradition of the past and explore the history and culture of Sant'Angelo in Vado, a destination steeped in charm and history.

Opere d'arte all'interno di Palazzo Mercuri
Artworks inside Palazzo Mercuri
Strumento utilizzato per antichi mestieri
Tool used for ancient craftsinside the museum "The Old Trades"
Cimelio storico all'interno del muso MBA
Historic crest inside the MBA muzzle.
Opere d'arte all'interno di Palazzo Mercuri
Opere d'arte all'interno di Palazzo Mercuri
Strumento utilizzato per antichi mestieri​all'interno del museo "I Vecchi Mestieri"
Cimelio storico all'interno del muso MBA
Cimelio storico all'interno del muso MBA

The taste of food and wine

Food and wine is an important aspect of Sant'Angelo in Vado. Savor delicious local dishes prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients. From traditional dishes to gourmet white truffle creations, every bite will give you an explosion of unique flavors. Don't forget to pair it all with an excellent local wine for an unforgettable dining experience.

If you are looking for the best places to enjoy local cuisine or discover delicious restaurants, trattorias and other food and wine experiences, you can check out the dedicated section to the culinary activities of Sant'Angelo in Vado. This resource will provide you with a selection of the most renowned and authentic places in the area, with useful information to make your visit even more enjoyable and satisfying. Get ready for a unique culinary experience in the heart of Italy.

Chopping board of local cured meats and cheeses
Piatto di tagliatelle al tartufo bianco
Tagliatelle with white truffle
Tagliere di salumi e formaggi nostrani
Tagliere di salumi e formaggi nostrani
Tagliatelle al tartufo bianco
Tagliatelle al tartufo bianco

Warm and authentic welcome

Last but not least, the warm and authentic welcome of the residents of Sant'Angelo in Vado will make your stay even more enjoyable. Get involved with their kindness and helpfulness, and have an authentic experience in a place rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

Sant'Angelo in Vado is ready to charm you with its thousand-year history, breathtaking attractions and authentic hospitality. No matter what your travel style, this town offers something for everyone. Get ready to discover the wonders of Sant'Angelo in Vado and create unforgettable memories in this special corner of Italy. .