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White truffle: a delicacy to enjoy and celebrate

Explore the world of Sant'Angelo in Vado's white truffle: features, fairs and exciting experiences

Tartufo bianco pregiato

The Characteristics of the White Truffle

The white truffle, known scientifically as Tuber magnatum, is a variety of hypogeous mushroom that grows wild in underground environments. This prized culinary delight is widely appreciated internationally and considered the king of truffles. Often used by top chefs around the world, it offers a unmistakable aroma and a unique flavor.

Piatto di tagliatelle al tartufo
White truffle noodle dish.

Properties: a gift from Nature

It comes in different forms, with a rather irregular appearance. Its shades range from cream to yellow ochre. Its inner surface can be clear with brown veins or tending to hazel with dense white veins.

The perfume, indescribable and unmistakable, is a fascinating combination of floral notes, pungent garlic and wild woody scent.

This valuable fungus is mainly developed in wooded environments rich in humus, in symbiosis with trees such as oaks, holm oaks, willows and poplars.

Tartufo bianco pregiato
Fine white truffle

The excellence of the White Truffle of Sant'Angelo in Vado

Sant'Angelo in Vado is a favored place for the production of fine white truffles, thanks to the unique characteristics of the terrain and favorable climate. This area is particularly rich in marly-limestone and marly-clay soils, which are ideal for growing this gastronomic delicacy.

Truffle experimental center: innovation and study

In Sant'Angelo in Vado you will find the Italy's most important research center dedicated to truffle farming. This center is at the forefront of mycorrhization and certification technologies, contributing to the development and dissemination of innovative methods for truffle cultivation. Next to the center is a large forest nursery that produces thousands of truffle seedlings each year.

Read more, visit the site of the Comune di Sant'Angelo in Vado.

The excitement of discovering the Underground Treasure: guided experience

If you are passionate about white truffles and wish to experience an unforgettable experience, ti consigliamo di partecipare all'"Esperienza di Cerca al Tartufo con Tartufaio e Cane" a Sant'Angelo in Vado. During this guided experience, you will have the opportunity to set off in search of subterranean treasure accompanied by an experienced truffle hunter and his trained dog.

You will discover the collection secrets and you can enjoy culinary delights prepared with freshly found truffles. For more information and to booke this experience, you can visit the following page: Truffle Search Experience with Truffle Hunter and Dog.

White Truffle Fairs

The fairs are unmissable events for lovers of this gastronomic delicacy. During these events you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in themagical atmosphere of the truffle world.

These offer a wide selection of high quality truffles, from different regions of Italy, and provide a unique opportunity to discover the different varieties, taste culinary delights and buy handicraft products linked to this treasure. They are also meeting places for enthusiasts, manufacturers, chef and industry experts, who share their knowledge and passion for this gastronomic excellence.

In Sant'Angelo in Vado, one of the most beautiful White Truffle fairs is held!

"Fine White Truffle Fair"

The National Truffle Show: An Event of Excellence

Since1964, Sant'Angelo in Vado hosts the prestigious National Exhibition of Fine White Truffle of the Marche region. This event, which takes place in the last three weeks of October and the first week of November, offers a wide range of cultural, gastronomic, sports, scientific, and entertainment events. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the universe of truffles and discover its many facets.

During the Exhibition, numerous thematic exhibitions are organized, including those on Ancient Vadesi Crafts, archaeological findings, and works by local artists. Additionally, special awards such as the "Golden Truffle" are presented to individuals and organizations that have excelled in promoting the truffle industry. There are also performances and activities for all tastes, including an international motorbike rally, camper meetings, and equestrian gatherings.

Get ready to experience a unique event at the National Truffle Show in Sant'Angelo in Vado, where you can appreciate the magnificence of the Fine White Truffle and the products of the gastronomic tradition of the Upper Metauro Valley

Busto di Dioniso con corona di foglie di vite incorniciato da una raggiera prospettica, con figurine femminili agli angoli
National Exhibition of Fine White Truffle of the Marche Region - Sant'Angelo in Vado
Fine White Truffle